Cloth Diapering Part II: My Favorites

In my previous post, I shared how cloth diapering could be easier on  your wallet.  After reading countless reviews, scoping multiple retail providers, and trying quite a few diapers myself, I found that using diaper covers and prefolds was the least expensive form of cloth diapering.  They are less pricey simply because you need fewer of them than of other styles (like pockets or All-In-Ones) and because, for the most part, they retail for less.

When I first started researching diapering, I was blown away by the many different styles of diapers.  Once I waded through that mess and arrived on using covers, I was immediately overwhelmed again by the myriad of brands and cuts.  After even more research and trials-and-error–not to mention the MANY leaky diapers and poo explosions–I finally found the diamond in the rough of diaper covers: Flip diapers.

My cutie rockin’ his Flips

If I could boil down the greatness of Flip diaper covers to three main points they would be:

  1.  No leaks–ever!  I’ve been using them for six months now and I’ve yet to find my darling’s clothes damp or poo stained.
  2. Simple snaps.  I prefer snaps to aplix (although I might feel differently once Bug becomes more of a wigglemunch); however, Flip diapers makes covers with both types of closures.  Many other brands use snaps as well, but they have two rows of three snaps on each side of the flaps–giving you a total of 12 snaps that have to be buttoned at each diaper change.  It’s daunting.  Conversely, Flips have a mere 2 snaps on each side.Diaper cover
  3. They grow.  See all those snaps on the bottom portion of the cover?  Those allow you to adjust the length and waist of the cover to fit your bub as he/she grows (8-35 pounds).

Did I mention, they’ve never leaked?

With my covers, I use Bumkins prefolds.  I like them because they’re super absorbent (they last through the entire night) and they come in unbleached cotton for my guy’s sensitive skin.  In all honesty, I haven’t tried any other brands of prefolds nor have I tried inserts.  I don’t know if any are better or worse.  All I know is that I’ve been incredibly happy with my Bumkins so I haven’t had any need to experiment with different brands.

So, it’s blatantly clear that I love diaper covers and prefolds.  However, in all my trials I found that not all brands of diapers will work for my wee one.  Some of the diaper covers that I tried on my own gooba (my shortened nickname for Goofball–I’m famous, or maybe infamous, for the nicknames I give to my sweet ones) did not work, even though friends did not have the same problems.  That being said, if Flips don’t work for you, try another brand!  If covers and prefolds don’t suit your baby’s body or your diapering needs, don’t give up on cloth diapering!  Venture into the world of Pockets or All-In-Ones (AiOs) until you find something that loves your little one’s heiney.


5 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering Part II: My Favorites

  1. I actually haven’t tried flips yet! Perhaps one day I will. I agree about the snaps – any more than two snaps on a side is too much!! I’ve been lucky that we haven’t gotten any leaks out of any of the brands we’ve tried.

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