Showing His Love

After a long day of being stuck in bed or curled up by the toilet, I feel the need to make a special shout-out to my wonderful husband, Jesse–it would have been tough to get through the day without him.


Unfortunately, I awoke the other night with the stomach flu and was pretty much useless all of yesterday.  My husband has a very demanding job; he works long hours and never takes a day off unless it’s scheduled months in advance (I couldn’t even convince him to take a personal day for our wedding–instead, he traded shifts with a buddy).  I confess, I pretty regularly feel like I’m competing with his job for his love.  Yesterday he proved me wrong.

Knowing how challenging it can be to take care of a seven-month old under normal circumstances let alone when you’re sick, Jesse donned the role of “Stay-At-Home-Daddy,” caring for our little guy (and for me when I needed it).  It’s funny how some people show their love.

In spite of my illness, it was quite adorable (and greatly appreciated) to watch my hubby demonstrate his love for me.  Let me share some of my favorite moments from his homemaking stint:

  • I have a cleaning schedule for our house, breaking down the dirty work for each day of the week.  Jesse insisted that I let him do the cleaning for the day so that my schedule would be maintained.  I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t know many men who will willing do the housework.
  • After waking from a nap, I found Jess and our little one bundled warmly and heading out the door.  With Bug propped on his hip, Jesse went around our yard watering our new fruit trees that I had recently put in.  It was a sweet moment seeing my two boys together.
  • By 9 o’clock yesterday evening, I was done.  Sick to my stomach and exhausted, I asked my husband if he were ready for bed, knowing fully that he was not (he refuses to go to bed before 10pm on the principle of it).  However, knowing how much I hate going to bed alone, Jesse joined me without any fight.

One fact that I tend to forget is that not everyone says or needs to hear “I love you” in the exact same way.  While my husband has no issue with saying those three words, it’s days like yesterday when their truth really shines through.  Jesse could have kissed me goodbye with an “I love you” IMG_3452as he left for work and his words would have been true. However, those words would not have left much of impression on me.  Yet, when he chose to stay home  yesterday, his actions screamed “I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU & YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE!” He was showing me his love.

So, to my husband, thank you for being so amazing. And helpful. And such a cute daddy.

To my readers, remember to look for the ways that your person tells you that she or he loves you…it may not only be through words but by actions.


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