Home Reno Disaster

Originally I was super excited about this post.  I was finally going to blog about a successful home renovation that I had completed.  You should know that I LOVE blogs about home renovations.  I could spend hours looking at before and after pictures of rooms and furniture.  I was really excited to have one of those blog posts.  But after my project went this morning, I’d say that “successful” is too optimistic to describe the outcome.

I’ve been working on our master bathroom for months now.  When we moved in, the walls were streaked with yellow drips (disgusting); there was mildew along the top of the shower (gross); and the previous owner had clearly locked his dog in the room, leaving him to chew up the door frame and scratch the door.  I have since worked my butt off scrubbing the walls (twice!), sanding (so many drips from the previous paint job), recaulking, de-molding, and repainting.  I felt pretty good about my initial efforts.  Shoot! I had recaulked the whole bathroom by myself! A shower or two later, IMG_6183I was feeling less happy.  The ventilation in the room is awful, even with the fan running.  The steam from our showers condensed and dripped down the wall. (Evidently, it’s best to let the paint cure for 30 days before showering…whaaaa?)

HOWEVER, I was sure I had the perfect remedy for the new eyesore.   My aunt had once sea-sponged her room with a pearlescent glaze and it was beautiful.  I’ve wanted nothing more than to have a bathroom decorated with the same effect.  After searching store after store and scouring the Internet, I discovered that the paint she had used was no longer produced.  I ended up having to purchase a ridiculously expensive quart (+$30!!!) of super fancy shimmery paint from Sherwin Williams.   Yesterday, I decided that I would finally try it out.



close-up of the effect

As I started painting, I realized that the water drips weren’t simply drips, but they had yellowed.  The translucent glaze wouldn’t cover up the stains.   Moreover, I discovered that the drips were actually sticky and had trapped dust in them.  Even scrubbing wouldn’t get all the ick off.

The effect was less than perfect.  I used a sea-sponge roller and no matter how I rolled it, line marks remained.  Also, get this! The lighting in the room isn’t bright enough to even show off the pearl so now the original lavender just looks splotchy.  I quit before finishing all the walls.  In a vain attempt to not have wasted so much money, I sponged an accent wall in our vanity area that is connected to our bedroom–the lighting is better there.  It’s not awful, but it’s far from the gorgeous masterpiece of what I envisioned.

My sweet husband has constantly reassured me that the bathroom looks good and that he loves the vanity accent wall.  A day and dried paint later, I’ll concede that they look better than they did as I was sponging them.  Hopefully, I’ll eventually figure out a way to get the bathroom looking great.


final effect. note how difficult it is to see the sponging because of the poor bathroom lighting


2 thoughts on “Home Reno Disaster

  1. What a lot of hard work has gone into that bathroom! Maybe the look will grow on you. I hate it when projects like that don’t end up the way I wanted, but time heals 😉

    • You’re absolutely right! A couple days later it doesn’t look as horrendous as it did while I worked on it. I think I’ll finish the walls that I quit. Just have to figure out the ventilation issue, whomp whomp =P Thanks for the positive feedback!

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