My New Adventure

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was about to take on a new adventure in hopes of finding an outlet for my creativity and as a way to supplement my family’s income.  It all started a little over a year ago when I found out I was pregnant.

Prior to the pregnancy I had used a special body wash to help combat the occasional acne.  However, since the active ingredients in the body wash weren’t well tested on pregnant women, it was suggested that I stop using it.  Shortly after, I found myself at our local Farmer’s Market and decided to purchase some yummy smelling goats milk soap to try.  After the first wash with it, I was hooked.  I’ve never looked back.  It smells good. I know what goes into it. And my skin has never looked better!  It’ll be goats milk soap from here on out!


my first goatie love, Pebbles
(picture is from a couple years back)

While celebrating our one year anniversary, my husband and I checked out another Farmer’s Market in Staunton, Virginia.   A girl roughly my age was there selling amazing smelling goats milk soap–I stocked up.  Recently, I find myself thinking about that soapmaker.  She is my age.  And she’s making and selling soap.  Why can’t I make and sell soap?!  It’s all I use; it’s something I can make at home; and I can sell it at our local markets. So I’ve been researching how to make soap.

The more research I’ve done, the more I want to make soap!  I was shocked to find out that most of the soaps and body washes that we can buy in stores aren’t true soap.  Here’s my quick crash course of Soap 101.  Soap is made by a chemical reaction called saponification.  Sodium hydroxide (lye) mixes with fatty acids (oils and butters) and creates soap and glycerin.  The glycerin is what causes the sudsing action that we like when we use soap to clean.  However, many industrial companies remove the glycerin from the soap they sell to you (it’s profitable in other cosmetics) and replace it with detergents (like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate) which are actually harsh and drying to your skin.  No thank you!

Yesterday, I finally committed to giving soap making a go (it’s not a cheap investment) and I’ve placed an order for my first  supplies.  The perfectionist in me really wants my soap to turn out just right on my first try lest I get discouraged, but I’m preparing mentally for a few failed batches.  Remind me to push on when I get frustrated!  As incentive, I went to visit the most adorable goatie babies today (at Sun Tree Play Garden, my favorite preschool).  Maybe if I really get into goats milk soap making I’ll have a reason to adopt some goaties of my own!

I’m very excited to be trying something new and I sincerely hope it will allow me to be the hippy dippy stay-at-home country mama that I really want to be.  Stay tuned!



10 thoughts on “My New Adventure

  1. Please let me know as soon as you are ready to start selling your soap! We have friends from where we lived in Central VA who raise, and milk, goats. If you need a local source for milk (probably from organically fed goats, knowing this family) and a possible baby or nanny, they might could help you out! 🙂

  2. What an exciting venture! I use handmade soap from a friend here who sells it (she sells on etsy, a website and recently opened a local store too!) and I love it! It’s more expensive than store bought soap, but so worth it. I didn’t know that cosmetic industries remove natural glycerin in soap and replace with that junk. I knew that junk was in it, but I didn’t know why. I thought it was weird they put it in when natural soap suds up just fine! Crazy…

    • I’ve found that if I buy store soap that claims to be good quality, it’s just as expensive (if not more!) than homemade soap…though I typically would go for the cheapo stuff and I’m sure that’s even worse for my skin! It’s crazy what big business is able to pull. Homemade is definitely the best! And congrats to your friend! Sounds like she’s doing really well. What’s her shop link? =)

  3. Hello, I just ran across your post and appreciate you mentioning me! Glad to know my little business inspired you to try something similar – and thanks for being a customer. I’ve enjoyed looking over your soap posts here on your blog. Isn’t soaping fun? Sorry to hear you plan to phase out the soap-making for now, but that is understandable with a family to care for. Congrats on coming baby # 2!

    • Thanks so much for being my inspiration! I hope your business is going well =) I definitely enjoyed your soaps. Soaping is a lot of fun–it’s definitely been an adventure! I am sad that I won’t be doing it as frequently but am relieved that I don’t have to struggle with balancing a business and my toddler (and soon to be baby!) for a while. My hope is that I’ll be able to make enough for my family and then to resume business in a year or so. Thanks for the sweet comment!

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