Almost Ready!

I’m super excited (and nervous)!  My soap making supplies have arrived!  I have all the necessary tools to make soap.  I still need to test them to make sure they function properly–I don’t want my stick blender to splash lye everywhere! Eek!  I found all the ingredients I needed from and bought enough to do two batches.  The first one will be simple and only uses cocoa butter and olive oil.   If that goes well, I’ll make a second batch that will be a bit more complicated, utilizing a handful of different oils and butters.

I also bought a couple ounces of essential oils in case I’m feeling daring enough to try scenting my second batch.  I’ve gone back and forth between wanting to use only essential oils or a combination of oils and man-made fragrances.  Fragrances are significantly less expensive than the oils, which would be helpful.  However, I’ve elected to stick with essential oils since IMG_6474they’re 100% natural, a principle which is important to me.  I know my soon-to-be herbalist mother will be excited to help teach me about what oils will be good for what types of soap and who should or should not be using those oils (example, there are oils that should be used when you’re pregnant).

Perhaps even more exciting than getting my supplies is that I’ve found a local supplier for goats milk!  Heidi, the goat farmer who lives next door to my preschool teaching friend, has agreed to let me buy my milk from her.  I’m stoked to be using her as a supplier because I know how well her goats are kept and treated.  I was anxious about finding another farm from which to buy because I wanted to make sure my milk was coming from good farms and I don’t quite know what questions to ask yet.  I’ve been to Heidi’s farm many times.  I’ve watched her goaties be born.  I’ve fed them their bottles.  I couldn’t be happier using Heidi as a supplier.

I hope to pick up some milk this weekend and will attempt my first batch of soap next week! Ah!  Wish me luck!


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