Mother’s Day Special

It’s easy to take your parents for granted. 

Your parents are the one set of folks who love you despite your misgivings and any mistakes you make.  They are the ones who hold your hand through each and every tough moment without expecting any thanks.  Yet, because their love comes judgement free and is never-ending, it’s easyDSC_0921 to take them and their love for granted.   You grow accustomed to always having their love and support–but how many of you remember to reciprocate as regularly as you are loved?

On this Mother’s Day, I want to take a moment to publicly proclaim my love and appreciation for my mother.

Becoming a parent myself has really opened my eyes to how tough it is to be a mother.  My pregnancy was rough.  I was not one of those mothers who enjoyed being pregnant.  It was a tough burden to bear.  Thank you, Mum, for toughing it out those 9 months (and those additional two weeks since I was a stubborn bub who didn’t want to be born).  I am especially appreciative as I am the second child.  I question wanting to have another child partially because I don’t want to go through another pregnancy.  Thank you for having my brother and then deciding to go through it all over again.

For all the times I call you because I’m excited, or sad, or bored, or lonely…I thank you for always being a willing ear.  Not just going through the motions of listening with eyes glazed over, but for truly listening to all my joys and sorrows.  Thank you for being my sounding board, even when I shoot all your suggestions down (I know it drives you crazy).  Thank you for finding ways to support my family when we struggle.


Most of all, thank you for loving my son so wonderfully.  For always being there to babysit.  For giving him the attention he so desires when I need a break.  I couldn’t ask for a better Memaw.

I love you very much.


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