The Happiness of Going Barefoot

As the Barefooted Crafter, I couldn’t help but post an excerpt of an article from the most recent Parents magazine:

“A study conducted at Bristol University and University College London (both in England) found that exposure to soil on the skin [like going barefoot!] releases serotonin, a mood-modulating neurotransmitter. So when you see your child splashing in mud puddles, keep in mind that she’s not just making a mess–she’s also feeding her soul.” (Pfaff. 2013, p.92).

My husband perpetually teases me about the dark staining that my feet develop when the weather gets warm… but who cares about a little bit of dirt?!

  Appreciate nature.  Feed your soul.

cropped-img_54651.jpgmy sweet one only wears socks when it’s cold


4 thoughts on “The Happiness of Going Barefoot

  1. Kayli read this post by you and has been quoting it around the house. I have heard it mentioned at least three times.

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