Bulbs Galore!

Hello, readers!  It has been a bit longer than usual since I last posted.  I’ve been much busier recently, working in the garden and watching lots of lil’ ones.

I’m so happy that warm weather is finally here and, surprisingly, I haven’t minded the heat yet (this may be because I have A/C into which I can escape–last summer, when I was pregnant, we had no air conditioning. I don’t recommend it).  I spend as much time outdoors as I can, either taking Bug on a stroll, working in the garden, or simply just wandering through my yard to see what new has grown.

While Bug took a cat nap this afternoon, I was finally able to get a bit of alone time outside.  I decided I needed to finally tackle the three potfuls of drying bulbs.  You see, when we moved into our house, I discovered that the strip of land between our driveway and the treeline was littered with what I hope are daffodils.  Daffodils are my absolute favorite flowers–they scream sunshine and happiness.  I love them so much that my husband and I joke about naming our future daughter (if we are blessed with one) Daffodil just so I can call her Daffodilly or just plain Dilly.  Anyway, I digress…  Finding the long leaves of plants that might be daffodils, I wouldn’t allow my husband to mow that stretch of lawn…for months. IMG_7003It was a jungle.

Finally, spring came and has pretty much went. I got one clump of daffodils.  Whomp whomp.  However, I’ve decided that the other bulbs were just unhappy in their old homes (my ma says that if they get too deep in the soil they won’t bloom), so they needed to be dug up and replanted this fall.   My darling, darling, sweet, loving, beautiful husband, Jesse, meticulously dug up every one of those bulbs for me (much to his chagrin).  He also dug up 30-something tulips bulbs that we had planted earlier.  I would have left those in the ground but I planted them in the worst spots–I’ve never mowed a lawn so I thought it’d be okay to just stick the tulips in wherever, not realizing that Jesse wouldn’t be able to mow or weed whack around them.  The bulbs have been sitting on the porch ever since.

So today, I tackled them!  Armed with my iPod and bopping along to my “PARTAY” mix (I wonder what my neighbors think of me as I dance around the yard while gardening), I stripped those bulbs of their leaves and flaking soil.  I know they won’t all survive, but my hope is to dry them out to prevent rotting and to replant them this fall.  If I’m lucky, I’ll have a sea of daffodils (and tulips!) right outside my bedroom window next spring.


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