Essential Oil Frustration

I just finished a new batch of soap.  Every bit of the this batch has been frustrating.  First, I had to wait a week to soap again because I was waiting for my order of ingredients to ship.  When the order finally arrived, I found out that my olive oil pomace (super important for EVERY recipe I have) was backordered.  After emailing the company for the new arrival date, I got an overly peppy response telling me that my oil would ship “ASAP.” Helpful.  I ended up buying olive oil from the grocery store. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to try a pomace today, which is supposed to give me a whiter soap.

My first mistake today was trying too much “new” in a short amount of time.  The husband goes to work at noon, but starting at 10:30AM, I figured I had ample time to try out my new mold and a new recipe using new oils.  I bought this log il_fullxfull.424328993_5jemmold, handcrafted and sold on Etsy.  Unlike my other mold, this one needed to be lined.  WHO KNEW how CHALLENGING lining a mold could be.  After failed attempts to line it myself, I quickly Googled for help and found this awesome video.  My lining was far from perfect, but it will suffice…I hope.  My new recipe called for cocoa butter.  I knew that I’d have to melt it to liquid form, but chipping it out of the original container was more than I had bargained for.  As I watched the clock, my hour and a half quickly slipping away with each time consuming task, I could feel my blood pressure rising.

Finally, I got to the point where I could add my essential oils.  For the last batch made with EOs, all I had to do was pour the whole bottles into the mixture because they were the proper measurement already.  Today, I had to measure three different EOs–lavender, lemon, and patchouli.  Each and every one of them dripped all over the bottle as I poured them.  Not only did this interfere with my measuring because they dripped on the scale, it was messy AND wasteful.  EOs are quite expensive and I could hear my money being tossed in the trash.  Any ideas to solve this problem?  Maybe I’ll try pipettes?

The recipe I used said that it was for a 2.5lb batch of soap.  I ran it through a lye calculator just to be sure and everything looked good.  I had prepped my adjustable mold for 2.5lbs; however, as I poured, I quickly filled up the mold and had lots of soap left over. Thankfully, I was prepared for this possibility and had my extra mold on hand.  I was able to fill it completely.  I’m not sure why my batch was so large.  I’ve had varying volumes before depending on how thick I let the mixture get before pouring, but I know I reached trace today and if I blended much more, it is possible that my soap would’ve gotten too thick to pour.

I finished soaping and cleaning just a few minutes after 12 o’clock, so my honey headed on his way just in time.  I thank him for sticking around until I could get most of my supplies watched.  Not sure how I could have accomplished clean-up safely with a munchkin on my hip.

My soap is currently chilling in the freezer.  I’ll have to keep an eye on it to find the perfect moment to unmold and slice the bars.  I don’t want it so soft that it’ll lose shape, but I don’t want it too tough to cut.  Wish me luck.  Despite all the challenges I came across with this batch, if I get it sliced nicely, I should have MANY yummy smelling soaps.


6 thoughts on “Essential Oil Frustration

  1. What an adventure! I hope you get it sliced nicely! I’m sure it’ll be great to be able to look back at your early struggles after you become a soap making guru 🙂

  2. It’s been fun to read your adventures soapmaking, makes me inspired to get back in my kitchen with my candles! (btw I never saw your order, if you submitted one?)
    And I use plastic pipettes for my essential oils when I’m candle making, helps me get a precise read on the amount and no dripping!

    • I used pipettes this past time and they worked SO MUCH better! =D I’m glad you’re getting back to your candles! I was wondering how all of that was going =) I originally had hoped to get an order for mother’s day, but the time I need a gift, I’ll think of you. Weirdo technology for not going through =|

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