parsley, sage, ROSEMARY, and thyme

As much as I love writing, I’ve had a hard time finding enough free time to sit down and write a post.  I thought that with summer I’d have more free time since I finished caring for Cricket, but, goodness, I was wrong!  I’ve only increased how much babysitting I’ve been doing, as well as how many home projects I’ve started to tackle.  Unfortunately, because I’ve stayed so busy, I haven’t had time to soap as much as I’d like.  However, my husband was kind enough to take on Bug yesterday so that I could get a batch in.

IMG_7067I used the same recipe as last time but was able to substitute the EVOO with Olive Oil Pomace….I love it so much more already!  It doesn’t have that greenish-yellow tint of EVOO and looks like it will produce a fairly white bar of soap!  I’ve been itching to add exfoliates to my soap, but haven’t had any prepped.  My sweet friend Alison allowed me to harvest some lavender, which is now drying in my kitchen–it smells amazinggg–but I can’t use it until all the moisture is out of the plant.  Determined to add some visual interest to this batch of soap, I raided my cabinets for herbs.  I found just enough of some homegrown rosemary that my dear friend Christy gave me for Christmas (she runs this awesome urban farm in Baltimore; check the project out).  The helpful hubby pulverized it for me while I started on the batch.  I added just over a tablespoon of the rosemary after trace, right before I poured the soap.  It looks great and is definitely more interesting looking than solid cream colored bars. 

I scented this batch predominately with cederwood, with a little rosemary and a few other oils.  Every time I sniff the soap, I can’t help but giggle as I think of my friend (who shall remain nameless) who suffered a bit from pica when she was pregnant and craved cedar.  You can bet she’ll be getting a bar when it’s good and cured.


I’ve been drying some chamomile that my mother grew in hopes of infusing it into oil for a future batch.  If all goes well, I’ll get a subtle yellow color from it.  Can’t wait to try! I’ve been researching other ways to add natural coloring to the soap and, if I weren’t so darn busy, I’d be trying all the techniques out right now!



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