Dancing in the Kitchen

I discovered the beautiful British princess of electro-pop Ellie Golding long before she became famous in the US.  Just ask my college roommate how often a mash-up of Golding’s Starry Eyed and Jackson 5’s Want You Back pumped through our apartment.  I’m pretty sure she’d be happy to never hear it again.  At first, I was unimpressed with Golding and Calvin Harris’ collaboration of I Need Your Love, but since hearing it on the radio this morning the song has transformed.  Something about it pulsing through my old Camry’s speaker made it extra catchy and has had me dancing around in my head all day.

At this moment, I’d like nothing more but to have a wicked dance party in my kitchen with my favorite dance partner–the husband; my Jesse. Alas, he is at work for the next 3-4 hours, so my sweet Bug-Bug and I will break it down together instead.  It is my mission to have my child grow up believing that dance parties in the kitchen are a normal, healthy part of life.

Won’t you join us?


One thought on “Dancing in the Kitchen

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