My Son’s “One Woman Army”

Keeping in line with my last posting, this entry is also about a song.  As you may have guessed from my posting about dancing, music is pretty central to my life.  It pumps me up when I need it and allows me to belt it out judgement-free when I need to sing intense emotions out.  I am one of those people who is regularly moved to tears by music and can feel a physical swelling in my chest during a truly emotional piece.

I always wanted to be a professional singer (although my voice is far from as strong and beautiful as my sister-in-law Ruth’s incredible sound–that girl can sing!).  In fifth grade, two of my best friends and I created a girl group which we named “A Thousand Points of Light.”  We practiced every day at recess and, somewhere out there, there is a tape of our original recordings.  Another friend and I choreographed and rehearsed a dance to a Brittany Spears number as our families drove cross-country.  We managed to practice on the road trip by sharing only one headset.  One of us would listen and sing along so that the other would know where we were in the song.  I know our brothers LOVED this experience.  Oh, and at every overnight stop, we charged the folks who were kind enough to put us up for the evening 50 cents to watch our performance.  What little kids can get away with…

Anyway…back on track.  My last post was about a song that made me think about my husband.  Today’s is a song that makes me think of my sweet son and elicits a tear or two as I belt it out (usually in his face).  The song is “One Woman Army,” by Alaska’s Kate Earl. I believe that Kate is a single mother who wrote this song originally for her son.  While I’m fortunate enough to have an incredible partner in my life, the relevance of the lyrics is still there.  Buggy had the privilege of listening to the song on repeat while he enjoyed his pancakes this morning.  The little dude had no idea why Mommy was singing so loudly in his ear and giving him kisses, but I think he finds me entertaining nonetheless.  I got choked up imagining dancing with him on his wedding day to this piece…but alas, that’s so far into the future…

Enjoy and I hope you’re as moved as I.



One thought on “My Son’s “One Woman Army”

  1. Strangely, I’ve never seen a mother/son dance at a wedding. I want to dance with my boys at their weddings! And maybe, just maybe, it will be a song like this. “What I’ve [done], I’ve [done for them] the best that I can.” I just hope and pray that they’ve seen it as being enough!

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