Soap Success!

To change the tone after my rant yesterday, I’ll share some exciting news!  My first two batches of soap have reached their 6 week curing mark, the minimum of how long I wanted them to sit.  One batch is unscented, the other has a delectable blend of peppermint and rosemary essential oils.  I used the same simple recipe for both, consisting of only two oils.

I’m now on to the testing phase!  I’m trying to figure out what kind of lather each oil produces and how well the fragrances hold up at certain percentages.  I’ve recruited four wonderful folks to try a test bar and report back to me on their findings.  They’re filling out the chart below to help me draw conclusions about this particular recipe of soap.



Skin After Use

The scent was: Size of bubbles with cloth/pouf: Your skin felt:













Strength before use:    


Size of bubbles with hands:  








Strength after use:









When I tested the scented bar myself yesterday, I was, at first, a bit let down.  I used it as a hand soap, rubbing it between my hands with water.  I got an okay lather, but with teeny bubbles (not necessarily a bad trait).  The smell was awesome, but did not linger after rinsing my hands.  I used a conservative portion of essential oils for this batch because it was the first batch that I had scented (and I couldn’t believe how expensive EOs are!).  However, I decided to try the soap in the shower and I LOVED the outcome.  I used a showering pouf and got a tremendous lather with beautifully large bubbles.  The luxurious blend of peppermint and rosemary filled the bathroom and made for a very relaxing environment.  After the shower, the fragrance didn’t linger as much as it typically does with other soaps that I use, but my husband appreciated this trait.  He, the sweetie that he is, was excited to try the soap, despite the perfumey scent, and he loved the lather.  He said that he preferred it to the lather from the bar of goat milk soap that we’ve been using for the past month.  He also liked that the smell dissipates after the rinse.  So all in all, SUCCESS!!!

I also was able to soap a batch of pure lavender soap this past weekend.  I’ve already done a citrus-lavender blend, but I’ve harvested and dried some lavender flowers that I just had to use!  Thanks, by the way, to Alison, Anna, and my mama for sharing their delicious lavender with me!  In this batch, I used Alison’s flowers and my mama’s leaves (your flowers are drying, Anna!).  I blended some flowers straight into the soap and then topped it with more flowers and some leaves once it was in the mold .  It’s beautiful! (There is some soda ash–harmless–underneath the flowers because I don’t wrap my soap, so I’m going to have to try to steam it away without affecting the flowers).  I can’t wait to unmold it and see what the bars look like after cutting! Stay tuned!



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