What a day…

Today was a tough one.   There was too much to do and extra needy children.  I’m too exhausted to write much and the result would probably be pretty negative anyway.  I’ll share one quick uplifting story and then tell the rest in pictures.

I took the little girl I babysit, I., and my bug to a spray park today.  Almost immediately, another small child came up to I. and asked her name.  Delighted to find out that she and I. are only a year apart in age, I watched her hug her new friend.  Several times, she tenderly tried to hug/hold Bug as well.  This sweet girl, Olivia, as I found out, made sure to bid me adieu with a promise to see us some other time.  I loved seeing such innocence and life and joy.  It was amazing how the two girls promptly became friends after only a greeting.  I’ve recently been feeling a bit down by all of the heaviness that comes with reality, the reality of which you suddenly become aware when you reach adulthood.  Seeing the new friends squeal and splash through the sprinklers warmed my heart.

And now for a few glimpses of the funny, sweet, and heartbreaking moments of my day…


IMG_7361this adventure didn’t end so well…

IMG_7363I know this is a super attractive picture of me, but Bug’s new trick is to stick out his tongue until I mimic him and then he tries to grab mine.  I couldn’t resist getting a shot of both of us looking ridiculous.

IMG_7372the beautiful, pure joy

IMG_7376silly little bunny loved standing directly in the streams

                              IMG_7378                    IMG_7379

Because my dinner plans were derailed, I had to improvise…with chopped spinach and then blueberries….this is the aftermath.  Post bath, he still has purple fingers and a trace of a beard.

IMG_7383Again with the tongue; he cracks me up (and you can see how purple it is)

IMG_7389My heart breaks every time I look at his little foot.  The concrete at the spray park was too rough for him

I love the little man so much…


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