Moving & Grooving Baby!

After sustaining months upon months of shocked faces (and, on occasion, ridicule) to my “non-crawling” baby,–in spite of the fact that he scoots, rolls, and, with help, walks all over the place–my baby guy started crawling one day short of 11 months old.  It’s a hilarious, wonky little scoot-crawl combination and it only comes when he’s not obviously being watched, but the milestone has been reached!  We’ll see how long it lasts because he’s already all about walking everywhere and, if he had the courage, I think he could manage a few steps on his own.  His strength is tremendous and his balance improves every day.  If he’s like his mama, who also crawled late thank you very much, he’ll not crawl for long.  I crawled maybe a month before I was a walking machine (I also potty trained first try, so fingers crossed he’s like me in that way too!).

Anyway, watch this silly little video and see crazy crawler for yourself =).


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