Getting Daring

Thus far, I’ve been using soap recipes that I’ve found in books or from soapmakers’ blogs.  Today, I MADE MY OWN! Recipe that is!  After a lot of research and trying to cram scientific facts into my brain (while tending to my little one), I developed a soap recipe for sensitive skin.

Initially, I had wanted to make a soap specific for babies, but I found that a lot of seasoned soapmakers discourage using soap on a baby under one year old.  As I read this, I recalled the same advice from my birthing class instructor.  Professionals are saying to forgo the use of soap and even lotions on little ones for the first year.  While we used lotion sparingly and didn’t use sunscreen until 6 months (although some doctors are saying to wait a year and keep baby out of the sun), we started using Burt’s Baby Bees body wash when Bug started getting stinky.  So, it’s your call as a parent as to whether you’ll completely nix bathing Baby with soap or use a commercially made baby-safe product, but I think that it’s pretty wise advice to wait until Baby is a year old before you use traditional soap on him or her.

Armed with that new information, I decided to create a formula specifically for sensitive skin.  All of my soaps are great for sensitive skin, but this new recipe uses primarily moisturizing and mild oils, like avocado and rice bran, which are even better for sensitive, young and elderly skin.  The “cleansing” quality of the soap is lower than traditionally recommended for a normal bar of soap.  The soap still cleans, but with more care.  I used to play with the percentages and check the soap’s qualities.  Most importantly, I used it to make sure that my recipe is superfatted and that the lye amount is safe.

I tried out the recipe this morning and the soap is currently sitting in its mold getting hard.  I’ll have pictures once it’s out and cut.  However, they won’t be super exciting because I didn’t scent or color it because it’s a test batch.

I’ve been working on developing how much to charge for each bar.  I’m going to be selling at a festival in September so I’m trying to figure out all the craziness of cost and taxes (whelp!).  Unfortunately, I haven’t been very consistent with the cutting of bars across batches, which makes developing a set price difficult.  I want to be as fair as possible to my customers (and, truly, myself) so it looks like I’ll have to weigh each bar and and do some sorting.  If I can get all the sales tax stuff sorted out, I’m hoping I can start at the Farmer’s Market soon.  I have five different types of bars that have cured the minimum of six weeks and I need to make space for storing future batches!


2 thoughts on “Getting Daring

  1. That’s exciting that you made your own recipe and that you will be selling in a craft fair! Good luck with the pricing, always a tricky business. I didn’t know that some people suggest not using soap for babies under a year. I use a goats milk and honey soap for my baby, though not much, and just some oils for moisturizing when necessary

    • That’s what some doctors say but they can also be a bit extreme. I thought it was crazy to consider keeping my baby 100% out of the sun for his first year of life. He needs to be exposed to the outdoors! We try to stick to the shade and started with the sunscreen at 6 months, which is when it says it can be used.

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