Being Grateful

When my maternal grandmother passed away, my mother gave all the women in the family daily gratitude journals.  My granny had kept one herself and my mother hoped that we would remember Granny as we take a moment to note our daily blessings.  I kept mine for a year before I started using it.  As a New Year resolution, I started jotting down everything for which I was thankful.  I did well for several months before dwindling off.  However, a blogger who I follow has challenged herself to a 31 days of Gratitude.  While I’m not going to post an entry each day about my gratitude, I want to take this moment to acknowledge all of the wonderful things and people in my life.

I am thankful for:

1. My son.  My goofy little boy is currently nursing but stops every few moments to giggle at me because Mama looks so funny in her reading glasses.  I am thankful that I was not awoken this morning to cries but to a chatty baby who was thump thumping his legs in his IMG_7556crib.  I am thankful that I get to stare at this silly, adorable, beautiful face all day long.

2.  My husband.  This weekend, my sweet Jesse spent his ENTIRE time off from work sanding our porch and deck.  Our house stood empty for several years before we bought it, so paint was peeling and boards were splintering.  Jesse worked from sun-up to sun-down, toting around HEAVY equipment and driving back and forth to get the necessary equipment–all in the hot summer heat.  I’m thankful for such a hardworking man and for a deck that will be safer for our wee one.

3.  My father’s truck. And for my father for allowing us to use it to haul around heavy equipment.

4. Tomatoes.  My folks are out of town on their anniversary trip so we have been encouraged to raid theiIMG_7558r garden.  We got all these tomatoes (plus more) the morning they left (imagine how many more are ready!).  I am thankful for how easily the skin of tomatoes come off and for crockpots.  Both allow a busy mama to cook down all those yummy tomatoes to store them for later use.

5. My happily married parents.

6. For generous friends.  I’ve been struggling with the branding side of my soap business.  I put out a desperate plea for help online and several friends/relatives were quick to offer me their help.  I am especially grateful for my friend Anna who has eagerly asked to help me tackle this project.  Interested in design, she has offered to help me for free  (though she can count on  some soap!) so that she can build her portfolio.  I am so thankful to have such a generous and creative friend.

7. For this amazing weather!  It’s summertime in Virginny and it’s not supposed to get over 80 degrees today…and it’s sunny!  Our windows are open; two loads of laundry are on the line; and our power bill should be a bit friendlier this month.

8. Avocados. Goodness, those fellows are yummy.  I can’t believe I avoided them up until a few years ago.

9. Pandora.  I am thankful to have continual (free!) music to keep me going all day long. And for providing me with great, TOLERABLE kids music for my Buggy.  I particularly like Johnny Cash’s Children’s Album, Pete Seeger, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Timmy Abell (a favorite from when I was a kid!).

10. For good soap.  I was in such a funk yesterday evening but decided to try out a new batch of soap.  I hadn’t tested this recipe before so I didn’t know what to expect.  In the shower I was amazed by the beautiful, luxurious lather!  The lather was even better than the original recipe I had been using.  My hubby and mother have since agreed.  I was so excited by the outcome of my soap that I got a second wind and spent the evening ironing (yuck) and pinning the curtains that I’m sewing for Bug’s room (I’m thankful that my mother allowed me to borrow her full-size ironing board–the process went a lot faster than using my tiny tabletop board).

I challenge you all to take a moment and write down the things and people for which you are grateful.  Think about those which you typically take for-granted.   Thank you for everyone who has played a role in brightening my life.


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