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I’ve been cloth diapering Bug since he was a month old.  We chose to use disposables his first month of life for two reasons.  First, we were new parents.  We were familiar with disposables so we stuck with what we knew until we adjusted to having a baby in our life.  Second, we were in between homes and the house we rented for a month didn’t have a washer or dryer.  You can read about  my favorite brands and why I think everyone should cloth diaper here and here.

This past week, I’ve been forced into using disposables again and, I must say, I truly miss our cloth diapers.  I had worried that Jesse and I would use the disposables again and would find them more convenient, but that is absolutely not the case.  Don’t get me wrong, disposables have a time and place–like now, under doctor’s orders–but cloth diapers are superior in more ways that one.


fluff butts are extra cute!

Bug’s staph infection (on his manly bits) returned on Friday full swing.  We’re combating it with topical and oral antibiotics (yuck) and treating him with lotrimin to fight off any yeast infections the antibiotics may cause. Awesome.  The doctor suggested we use disposables because while he “loves that we’re using cloth, the super diapers today wick away moisture better.”  Well, having returned to disposables, I can say that I don’t agree with that statement (there are so many options to help with moisture wicking–like fleece!).  However, I want to follow the doc’s instructions to the letter so that if the infection flares up again, he can’t blame it on the cloth diapers.

Since we started using Flip covers with Bug, we’ve never had a leak.  Not with pee and certainly not with poo.  I bought 12hr super diapers.  The first morning of using disposables, I picked Bug up out of his crib and immediately was soaked with pee that was leaking out.  The following morning, Bug woke crying extra early, so his daddy went to get him up (typically I get him up, he nurses, and then we change him)….Poop was everywhere.  Awesome. Yay super disposables!

Another reason I dislike disposables is that smell.  Unfortunately, we picked up the diapers from a CVS while we waited on Bug’s Rx (they were +$20 by the way! I could get another cover for that much!).  The CVS didn’t sell Seventh Generation diapers (which we used when Bug was brand new) so we picked up one of the mainstream brands.  The diapers reek of chemicals.  They smell so bad that I get a headache after catching a whiff of them.  Additionally, I like being able to flush the poo in the potty.  Now, I’m stuck with an extra stinky trashcan full of poopy, chemical filled diapers.  My stomach turns when I think about all that nastiness being thrown into landfills.  I don’t want my children or grand children playing in a dirty diaper filled world.

I’m eagerly waiting to finish the pack of disposables so that I can return to our cloth diapers.

Future parents, I encourage you to research your cloth diapering options.  There are so many and cloth diapering is super easy and much more affordable than disposables.  Parents of infants, once you’re comfortably having a sweet one in your life, I also encourage you to make the switch.  Your wallet (and the environment!) will thank you!


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