The Crazy Chemistry Continues


blue to grayish-purple

Yesterday, I pulled my latest batch of soap from the fridge to let it warm up to room temp before I unmolded and sliced it.  When I pulled it out, it was a sky blue meets Smurf color.  As it warmed, I decided it needed another day of curing before I tried to cut it because it was so soft.  I left it overnight on the counter.

This morning, much to my surprise, the color had faded to grayish-purple.  The surprises continued as I sliced off the end of the loaf…the inside was the regular buttery yellow of uncolored soap!  What on earth could have happened?  I haven’t read anything about this effect occurring, so I promptly put in a query to a seasoned soapmaker.  While I’m still waiting for her response, I’ve noticed that the exposed bars of soap are slowly changing color and fading to the gray color of the outside edges of the soap.  I’m completely bemused.  The chemistry escapes me.  I’m hoping that someone with more experience in natural colorants can explain to me exactly what is going on with my soap.

This has definitely been a learning experience…

yellow inside!

yellow inside!



a minute after slicing…



same bar just a few minutes later


2 thoughts on “The Crazy Chemistry Continues

  1. Wow, that is really interesting! I was going to comment on the previous post, but I’ll just do it here. Your herb oil infusion that was so bright reminded me of our roselle juice color. And when I tried adding concentrated roselle juice to some coconut milk to make icecream, I got the same purplish/grey color that you got for your soap mixture. The resemblance to your experiment was pretty interesting! And now this, it must be some sort of oxygen reaction? Very strange and interesting! Looking forward to if you ever find an answer

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