A Frustrating Moment in Motherhood

Just last week I actually took the time to make a note in my gratitude journal, the one that I haven’t touched in over a year.  I had been feeling especially grateful for some time so I wanted to document that feeling.

I am thankful for a little boy who does not fight naps.  I love how he knows when it’s nappy-nigh-night time and starts sucking his thumb when we walk into his room.

My little Bug typically takes two good naps a day….that is, he did, until I wrote down my gratitude.

As of this week, Bug has decided that he hates naps with a vengeance.  Yesterday, he took his morning nap with only a little resistance.  It lasted an hour, acceptable but on the short end of his nap spectrum.  Come afternoon, however, I was met with a tornado’s fury of resistance.  After turning into Mr. Crankerpants, perpetual yawns and eye rubbing, it was clear that nap time was necessary. For TWO HOURS I attempted to put him down.  I tried ignoring the “I’M BEING TORTURED” screaming, hoping he’d fall asleep.  I tried teething tablets in case his gums were aching.  I tried removing him from standing (new trick–but I’m not sure he’s able to sit back down) and putting him back in a sleeping position.  I tried cuddling him and singing.  I tried nursing him (I’m not one to nurse him to sleep anymore) and all I got were giggles.  After two hours, even though his eyes were rimmed red, I gave up.

Typically, my husband doesn’t get home until 7pm on Tuesdays.  Buggy usually goes to bed at 7, but I delay bedtime on Tuesdays so he and Daddy can visit, especially since Jesse doesn’t get to see him at all on Monday.  Yesterday, delaying bedtime past 6pm seemed impossible.  I left Jesse an apologetic message, suggesting he try to get home by 6 if he wanted to see Bug, or at least to call to talk to him if he couldn’t.  My poor husband calls at 545, leaving work, frantic to know if Bug will still be awake when he gets home.  I extended bath time and then carried the munchkin around naked in his towel for five minutes until Daddy could get home and do the beddy-nigh-night routine.

Of course, having not seen his father for two days (and because Daddy is, by far, the more fun parent), Buggy got a second wind and was full of spastic energy.  While the two boys delightfully wrestled and raced each other around my bedroom, I knew that my honey was probably thinking that I had over-reacted and that Bug couldn’t be as tired as I insisted…oh well.

And here we are today…going on an hour of screaming and nap resisting.  The crying doesn’t make me want to cry like it did when Bug was tiny.  Instead, it makes me want to pull my hair out.  Oh, the growing pains of being a baby and of a mother.  Wish me luck, folks.

I just want this sweetness to happen

I just want this sweetness to happen



4 thoughts on “A Frustrating Moment in Motherhood

  1. I am SO sorry! I know how horrible screaming, not wanting to nap, babies are. In duplicate. Neither of mine liked napping in the morning at about a year old. Unfortunately, at about two, both of them started trying to give up their afternoon naps. They slept from 7p-7a and were done. Most toddlers need between 12 and 14 hrs of sleep. Maybe Bug is hitting that “toddler” stage a little earlier than you’d like! I would suggest that you put him in his room/crib/playpen with things that he can play totally independently with and start teaching him that he needs to play quietly for an hour (or however long you want to make it) ALL BY HIMSELF in the morning so that you can have some quiet times to accomplish things. When he’s big enough for books, put him “reading” or drawing or other quiet, independent activities. This is something that MY mom taught me to do and it helped me keep my sanity quite a few times. I love my two boys but sometimes a person needs a few moments alone!

  2. Ugh!!! Sometimes these nap rebellions happen for just a few days, then all is back to normal, hopefully this is the case! If it persists, perhaps he is ready to give up the morning nap. You can try just giving a slightly earlier afternoon nap as the only nap of the day and see if he does better with that. He may just end up combining the hours of his previous two naps into one looong nap! These nap transition periods can be rough!

  3. I feel for you. Try to stay strong. If napping is important to you then keep putting him down he will nap. We insisted on afternoon naps and/or rest time on the weekends until the kids were in first or second grade. With the torturous nap tantrum, I would actually leave the house. My parenting books and pediatrician said that if I knew that the baby was dry, fed, and not in harms way than it was “ok” to let them cry because at age one they are starting to learn how to manipulate to get what they want. I totally agree with Karen that he needs to learn to play quietly all by himself for the time period you set. It worked for her, it worked for us, and I am optimistic that it will work for you. Again, stay strong! You will get through this frustrating moment. You will persevere.

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