Bug’s Birthday

Today, at 306pm, my sweetie turns a full year old.  I’m a very proud mama and my darling little boy has made me so happy.  Thank you to everyone who came to his party and celebrated with us.

Because I’m at risk of becoming very emotional, I’ll let the words do the talking today…

IMG_7695   IMG_7675

IMG_7720    IMG_7722   IMG_7723



IMG_4617   IMG_7715   IMG_4616

   IMG_4578   IMG_7734

IMG_4579   IMG_7745

IMG_7748   IMG_7750   IMG_7764


IMG_4649   IMG_4644




2 thoughts on “Bug’s Birthday

  1. Thanks for a great party. We enjoyed seeing you all and a lot of others. You all have a very nice home and yard. We are proud of the way you all share with family and friends. Love, Gramps

  2. Loved the pictures and the comments. Yesterday was really nice. Just didn’t get to visit with you all, but I’m glad we were there. Showed the picture of his eating his cake to another great grandmother who showed me her great granddaughter’s picture last week. It’s fun sharing stories and pictures. Thanks for a a nice day. Love, Granny

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