Let the Selling Begin!

Hey, friends!

So I finally got in touch with the local farmers’ market coordinator.  I called to see what the process for selling entailed, expecting to have to wait at least a few weeks before I could set up shop.  Nope.  “Come out this Saturday!” was the response.

I relished in this accomplishment for all of a second before panic started coursing through my body.  You see, I am a perfectionist in many ways. I’ve had this grand idea of having my business cards at the ready and fancy, fun packaging provided for when I finally debuted my soap. (I’ve held off on having any cards printed and package work completed because my brilliant friend Anna is working on my logo design.  The work she is doing is amazing and far more wonderful than anything I could have managed on my own, so ultimately I’m happy to wait for her awesomeness.)  Additionally, up to that point, I hadn’t done any prep work for my display–as a creative person/wannabe-artist, having an intriguing display is a necessity.  I began working myself into a tizzy over how the soaps would sit on the table and how I had no baskets for them.

Honestly, I’ve tried to find ways to back out of selling this weekend.  A friend needs help moving–nope, that’s next week.  I won’t be able to sell for the following three weeks because of vacation plans–nope, you need to do a test run now.  I don’t have all the supplies I need–nope, somehow we managed to run all the errands today. Looks like I’ll be at the market tomorrow.

Our weather is currently ick, so we’ll see how many people actually come out.  If you’re in the area, don’t just pass by, come check my soaps out (and share an encouraging word please!).


2 thoughts on “Let the Selling Begin!

  1. Hoot Hoot! Wonderful! Taking the plunge, but not into dirty water because you have wonder sudsy, sweet smelling, sensuous and cleansifying soap! Proud of you my little magpie:)

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