First Day at the Farmer’s Market

In typical Me fashion, I got so anxious last night, despite having done all of the prep work before bed, that I couldn’t sleep.  I remember staring at the clock as it hit midnight before I finally got an hour or two of sleep.  I was rudely awakened at 330am by an obnoxious, insistent cricket who was chirping directly outside our window.  Normally, I wouldn’t have noticed the critter’s creaks, but my anxiety left me a light sleeper.  Even with a closed window and a pillow over my head, the chirping could not be drowned out.  I resorted to watching Friends on the couch until I drifted back asleep for another hour or so.

Thankfully, all my prep work paid off and I was able to get to the market on time and with little added stress.  I was a surprise to the Market Manager (there, evidently, was a break down of communication) but she very graciously gave me the prime real estate spot, front and center at the entrance of the market’s pavilion.

The market ended up being a wonderful experience.  As it would turn out, I’m an excellent greeter and I enjoyed wishing everyone a “Good morning!” as they began their stroll through the goods.  I sold at least half of my inventory (and not just to friends! hehe).  There was even one woman who came to the market specifically to find goats milk soap and she would have had no luck if I hadn’t been there today.  I had a handful of wonderful friends buy soap just for the heck of it and two very amazing friends who traveled a good distance just to support me on my first day of business.  My husband was also absolutely wonderful and helped keep me calm.  He managed our Buggy the whole four hours and kept me company for the bulk of the time.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me emotionally, financially, by providing childcare, and by allowing me to borrow items for my stand.

Now that I’m feeling more confident, I just put in a huge order for lots of new essential oils to try.  I’m selling at an Artisan Fair at the end of September so I’ll be soaping like a mad woman this week to have enough inventory built up for the event!

I forgot to take pictures of me at the market but this was the test run of my stand from last night (I need to get a new table covering because I had to borrow Bug’s beautiful quilt, handmade by his sweet cousin).




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