Testaments to the Soap

While I haven’t been selling soap long enough to receive feedback on it from customers, I’m happy to hear positive reports on my soap from family and friends.  More than one friend has reassured me that it’s quality soap and others tell me repeatedly how much they (or folks to whom the soap was gifted) love it.

After a month of using my soap exclusively, my husband’s legs have cleared up.  He works outside in the dirt and heat so his skin tends to get aggravated causing tiny sores–he has had this problem for years.  A bar of my soap later, his legs are healthy and free of sores!

My mother’s skin started reacting to her store bought soap, causing her to be itchy.  She made the switch and now has nothing but comfortable, moisturized skin.

When I started using goats milk soap (not mine), my body acne cleared up (even while I was pregnant I didn’t get the terrible pregnancy-hormone flare ups) and remains clear today.  I think there’s something to be said about homemade, natural soap…

I truly hope non-friends and family customers will love my soap just as much!

Also, I’ve been incredibly congested all weekend and haven’t wanted to medicate since Bug is still nursing.  This evening, I soaped a batch and used some eucalyptus essential oils.  It’s a natural decongestant (and smells amazing! one of my favorite scents) and a mere sniff of it cleared my sinuses.  I’m so happy to be making multipurpose soap (hehe!).


2 thoughts on “Testaments to the Soap

  1. I am very sure your customers will love your handmade soap. Nothing quite like it. But I know what you mean, it’s always nice to hear feedback rather than just keep on guessing. 🙂 all the best to your new venture!

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