My Big Boy

Last week, my sweet one finally got brave enough to take his first steps all by himself!  The silly little monster has been “walking’ with the IMG_8373assistance of a finger since May; he just didn’t have enough courage to let go.  In fact, if I pulled my finger away, he’d pout and would promptly sit down.  Goofball.  However, not long ago, while we were waiting for Daddy to arrive home, I let go and he stood for a few moments rather than sitting down.  Then, he proceeded to walk!  It was such an amazing moment and I continue to be amazed as the little cutiepants stumbles around our house.  He still holds both hands up over his head in tiny fist pumps, but he gets more and more stable each day.

At first, the stubborn baby refused to walk at all.  The morning subsequent morning, I was convinced that he had forgotten how to walk because he refused to even stand on his own.  A week later, he’s finally pulling himself up and taking some steps throughout the house.

Bug continues to amaze me with how quickly he is developing.  Everything is still “ball” but his tones tell me what he really wants.  He also goes “a-bal-ah-abah” for the more urgent moments.  He calls for our dog Duke when we go outside.  His call sounds more like “Dah!” than anything else, but he has made that connection.  Moreover, when he sees our kitty, he starts clicking his tongue, which is how I call for her!  He holds up his feet for me to put his shoes on and automatically puts his arms through his sleeves.  Diaper changes, however, still remain a challenge–he LOVES to be naked.

The little Bugmaster keeps my life exciting and I’m so proud of my big boy!



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