My Soap Goes to Haiti!

This past week, my father left on his third annual trip to Haiti.   Each year, his group tries to bring supplies that may be in shortage in Haiti.   This year, there was a need for birthing kits.  A necessity for birthing kits, obviously, is soap.  I jumped at the opportunity to donate some of my unscented bars to the cause.

In high school, community projects and service were a big part of my life.  My involvement has dwindled over the years due to other obligations such as work and parenting.  One of my ultimate goals for my soap business is to have a philanthropic component.  I hope to eventually be able to support my local church’s farmer’s market stand, which is run once a month.  I’ve also been looking into the organization Clean the World, which distributes hygiene kits to homeless in the US or to countries in need.

Sending soap to Haiti was a great starting point for me–and, it’s really very neat to think of MY handicraft being used in another country! Moreover, anyone who knows me personally knows that babies and motherhood are among my greatest passions–it is mind blowing to me that I, in an albeit very small way, am a part of bringing sweet ones into this world.

So, that’s it for now.  I just wanted to share this little nugget of excitement with you.  Have a beautiful Friday and a wonderful weekend!


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