Acne Soap Adventures

At the moment, it’s a bit chaotic in my house.  As I try to get my thoughts down about my soaping adventures, my husband is jamming on his clarinet to his trusty Mofro CD.  While I typically enjoy listening to him play, he decided to include Buggy in the band and has pulled out a toy piano on which the baby guy is pounding.  Like I said, chaos.

Anyway…I’ve made two new batches of soap this weekend.  Both have been pretty exciting.  I tried a new recipe yesterday using castor IMG_8520oil for the first time.  Castor oil is supposed to create an amazing lather and is a natural humectant, attracting moisture to the skin.  It’s a standard oil that lots of soapers include in each of their batches.  I scented my batch with a lively blend of fir needle and palmarosa.  I had hoped to make a holiday soap, trusting the fir needle essential oil to smell like a Christmas tree.  While, ultimately, the scent is only vaguely reminiscent of Christmas, it’s still pleasing and energizing.  I’m excited to use it!

I just finished another special batch of soap again using a new recipe–I took the one from yesterday and tweaked it some.  My goal was to make an Acne Face soap.  I used sunflower oil (another first!) which is a natural antioxidant and contains lots of Vitamin E; coconut oil which is antibacterial; the castor oil to attract moisture to the skin; and several other oils which are known for their moisturizing properties.   I selected essential oils that treat acne, heal scars/blemishes, moisturize, and close pores.   My extra special ingredient was supposed to be bentonite clay, which absorbs extra oils and helps treat acne.  I ordered it especially for face soaps and was so excited to use it.  However, my soap reached a thick trace so quickly (new recipe downfall) that I panicked and forgot all about the clay!  So sad!  The soap will still be great for the face but I’m disappointed nevertheless.  Next time, I suppose!

Have a beautiful weekend!  I’m off to stuff a scarecrow and carve our family pumpkin!


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