A Love Note to My Husband

I sat down intending to write a poetic love letter to my darling husband, Jesse.  Two years ago today, at one o’clock in the afternoon–not a minute late, because I couldn’t stand not being married to him any longer–we said, “I do.”   However, it has been a week of broken sleep (howling dogs, work emergencies, babies being born–congratulations to my brother-in-law and his wife who just had a sweet baby girl!) and my head is feeling cloudy and my words are garbled.

So, rather than stumbling to put my feelings into words while our little crankerpants demands my attention, I would like to reiterate my vows.  Jesse, two years later, my promise to you remains true.

I, Maggie, take you, Jesse, to be my husband.  In doing so, I give my life to you and all that life entails. To take the good with the bad, to live with you through hardship and triumph, to live with you in the commitment of faith, the security of hope, and the joy of love.

We have our moments of frustration and struggle, but, ultimately, we have built a beautiful life together.  I am thankful for our comfortable home; for your love and support; and for giving me the greatest blessing of all, our sweet baby boy.

With all my being, I love you. Happy anniversary, my love.



One thought on “A Love Note to My Husband

  1. What a wonderful example of love you two are! I am so blessed to be a part of your lives and am still in awe that I got to be there, standing with you, as you vowed your love to each other! You DO have a beautiful life together, and will continue to have a beautiful life together, built stronger and deeper through the moments of frustration and struggle that you work to overcome together. I love you both, my sweet Maggie and Jesse! Happy Anniversary! Aunt K

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