Hey, y’all!

It has been a while since I’ve shared some of my soaps with you.  I sold out of most of the inventory over the holidays so I’ve been working to build it back up.  I’m considering re-opening my Etsy shop soon, so keep your eyes and ears open for that news!

Until then, enjoy these beauties!

Aren’t these gals gorgeous?!

I haven’t completely mastered the swirling technique but I think they’re beauties just the same.


Lavender Swirl


When I unmolded this batch I thought, “this is the goofiest looking soap yet.”  Goofy, yes.  Awesome smelling, absolutely.  I attempted a layering technique but am still trying to figure out what level of trace I need to reach to keep the layers from penetrating the one below it.



This batch produced squat little bars because the essential oil sped up trace, causing the soap batter to seize.  The soap was so thick when I poured it that it didn’t flow into the mold cavity as smoothly as I would’ve liked.  The thickening also affected the swirling.  However, I think they’re neat looking and they smell divine. I love peppermint!



So there you have it!  Soap making is a real science and keeps me learning and experimenting.


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