New Recipe + New Scent = Funky Soap?

A few weeks ago I placed an order for new oils and new essential oils.  I found a recipe I wanted to try using Shea Butter.  I’m hoping to find a concoction that will produce a harder bar of soap without sacrificing lather.  Eager to try out the new recipe, I set to work this morning.  I planned, once again, to try a multi-color swirling technique, but this time with a new oil infusion.  Lastly, I decided on a blend of orange and cinnamon leaf essential oils, the latter of which I’ve never used.

Simply put, I tried too many new things at once.  Too many new ingredients.  Too many new techniques.  Needless to say, the soaping experience didn’t go quite as planned.

The shea butter accelerated trace.  The cinnamon essential oil sped it up even faster.  The swirl technique drew out the mixing process so by the time I was ready to pour, I had a very thick soap batter.  Pouring was impossible so I had to scoop the soap into the mold–there went my swirling technique!  Moreover, I accidentally dropped some batter on my liner which caused it to fall in on itself.  Oh, the mess. Oh, the comedy?

Ultimately, I got all the soap into the mold and, because it was so thick already, I was able to give it a neat looking top (usually my soap tops are smooth).  I don’t think I used enough oil for the color infusion to be successful so I may end up with a solid colored slab of soap.  But who knows?  The chemistry of it all is unpredictable and maybe upon cutting I’ll find a marbled effect.   Regardless, the essential oil blend is fantastic and the soap smells good enough to gobble up!  I don’t believe in batches of soaps ending as a disaster…just different from planned!



3 thoughts on “New Recipe + New Scent = Funky Soap?

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