Results of the Funky Soap

Yesterday I unmolded and sliced the mystery batch of soap.  Since I tried too many new techniques at once and the whole process was more than experimental; I really had to idea what to expect.  The results are pretty great.  Not only the does soap smell delicious, warming, and amazing, it cut beautifully!  My goal was to make a harder bar of soap and this one was perfect only a day after soaping.  Now I just have to let it cure so I can test the lather.

Additionally, it did end up having a bit of a multi-colored look to it!  The annatto stripes are light but they’re noticeable.  The soap reminds me a bit of a tiger.  I’m having trouble with coming up with a fun name for it (orange-cinnamon is just too plain for such a funky bar).  Send your suggestions to me!



8 thoughts on “Results of the Funky Soap

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