Ginger Grapefruit

I sold my last bar of Ginger Grapefruit soap (thanks, Lindsay W!) and since it’s one of my personal favorites–it’s so warming yet fresh–, I decided to make it this weekend’s batch of soap.  And, for once, everything went beautifully!

I tried a new recipe again and, thankfully, this one did not seize on me like last week’s.  I also tried a variation on coloring, using rose hip powder and annatto seed powder for a bi-colored soap.  I’ve added rose hip powder to plenty of soaps before but I’ve only used annatto seed as an oil infusion (like in the cinnaorange soap from last week).  It’s interesting how the colors appear when the soap is first made.  The annatto gave a great orangey-yellow color while the rose hip remained a pale cream color.  However, I know the rose hip colored soap should eventually change to a dark red kidney color.  The chemistry behind soap making is always a surprise!

I practiced my swirling technique and, for the first time, it went beautifully.  The irony is, however, that you won’t really see the swirls because of the mold I chose to use.  Since it’s a tray mold rather than my normal log mold, I don’t have to slice each bar, which is typically when the swirls reveal themselves.  With this mold, I just cut the bars apart with minimal slicing.  At least the bottoms of the bars will be pretty and I got extra practice making swirls.

My kitchen smells divine and has had my mouth watering all day!



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