Spring Sunrise Soap

Fresh from unmolding is my soap that will likely be called Spring Sunrise.  The name came to mind as I was planning the colors and scents for this particular batch.  I chose to use oils infused with alkanet root and annatto seed powder to produce a swirl of lavender and creamy yellow, respectively.  I hoped to create a landscape similar to a country sunrise.  My blend of essential oils was unconventional but produced a magical result.  Scented with lavender, tea tree, and just a hint of orange, this soap is clarifying, energizing (yet calming!), and fresh–just like a spring morning.

My husband was so eager to see the results that he encouraged me to unmold the soap this morning before he left for work.  While it needs a bit more sitting time before it’s ready to be completely cut, you can get an idea of how pretty a soap it will be.  In these current pictures, the alkanet root swirls are still quite blue.  However, they will morph into more of a lavender color as they’re exposed to the air.



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