Honeycomb Soap

This weekend I made my trusty old Oatmeal Honey soap.  However, I used a newer recipe and a brand new texturing technique.  The recipe was the same as the one that seized during my first attempt.  This attempt went so much better and I reached a beautiful level of trace with no problem.  When unmolding, the soap was a bit stickier than I prefer, but I’ll attribute the stickiness to the honey.  Hopefully, it will firm up with a bit more sitting.

I’m most excited about the texturing.  Typically, I top off my Oatmeal Honey soap with oats.  However, sometimes the oats start to fall off and they make cutting slightly challenging.  A few years ago my friend gave me a soap that looked like a honeycomb.  I attributed its appearance to a special mold until doing a bit more research.  I found that I could make my own honeycomb soap using bubble wrap!

After pouring my soap, I lightly pushed the bubble wrap into the top of the soap and then left the batch alone to saponify and harden.  When it was ready to unmold and slice, I gently pulled the wrap off and voila! the soap looks like a honeycomb!  You can see where a few of the bubbles must have been popped so next time I’ll need to make sure the wrap is completely intact.  Overall, however, I think it looks great!

                 IMG_9747   IMG_9748   IMG_9749



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