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Watch me first.

Want to know what Buggy told Daddy?

Scroll down….


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Notice his shirt?  Do you get it?

We’re having a baby!!!

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to go public with our special news.  I’m 8 weeks along, which is relatively early in a pregnancy to share the excitement with the world.  However, I started thinking about why we were keeping baby #2 quiet and came up with two reasons…both of which have turned out to not be good reasons at all.  First, we were originally waiting until baby was 14 weeks, like we did with Bug, and that decision was made only because social etiquette dictates that we wait.  Second, the threat of miscarrying drops dramatically after 14 weeks…

With Bug, we were told to prepare ourselves for a miscarriage.  Without going into any graphic details, I faced some problems during the first trimester and my doctor told us that our likelihood for losing our baby was great.  It was awful.  And, what made it worse was that very few folks knew what we were facing because we chose to keep our news quiet.  I spent most of my first trimester feeling scared and alone.

Therefore, this go around, waiting to share the news until the chance of miscarrying is gone meant that every time I wanted to tell someone that we’re expecting (but instead withheld that information), I would start to think about miscarrying and would get quite scared.  So, instead of waiting around for impending doom that hopefully will not come, I’m embracing sweet baby #2 and sharing the awesome news with everyone.   If, God forbid, our baby is too special for this earth, I’d rather have support from my family and community rather than tiptoe around my sadness.

Also, it has been really hard to field certain questions that have regularly been popping up recently.  So, do you think you want more children?  When are you going to have a second?  Have you decided to start trying again?  I hate lying and I’m really not that quick on my feet when it comes to side-stepping thess queries.  I had one friend recently ask me if we wanted more kids and I blurted out happily, “YES!” before realizing that we weren’t making it public and having to reign my enthusiasm back in.  I also, unfortunately, had to rain check on a Mom’s Night Out (to which I was really excited about being invited) because I had no energy.  I felt particularly lame because I couldn’t offer up a valid reason for skipping without revealing our news.  (And if I had gone, I would’ve had to have made up a reason for not boozin’ it up!–trust me, I wish I could).

Lastly, I’d rather the world know that my “beer belly” is actually a beginning baby bump.  Baby #2 may only be a little gummy bear right now, but my body is definitely prepping for her/him and making me a bit rounder than I prefer to be 😉  When I was pregnant with Bug, whispers went around my workplace about how “marriage was doing good for me because my thighs and bottom had filled out” (yes, it was a bit mortifying to be informed that this gossip was floating around).  This time, no more speculation, folks.  You know why I’m plumping up. =)

Essentially, we’re super excited about our growing family and we’re ready for our loved ones to be excited too!


4 thoughts on “You Want to Read This Post

  1. Congrats! My name is Heather and I was hoping you could answer a quick question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

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