A Moment of Gratitude

Dear loved ones,

In light of my rather negative previous postings, I want to take a moment to reflect on the positive that is in my life.  You.

I have received such an outpouring of love and support from many of you.  I have received an abundance of texts, emails, and notes offering love to me.  Others of you have reached out, suggesting play dates or offering to babysit.  Some of you have even sent potential employment opportunities to me. One of you introduced me to Scary Mommy, which has provided me with many laughs and relateable moments. Another sent calming essential oil blends to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Just knowing that I’m not alone makes the most difficult moments more bearable.

A special thank you to my mother for kidnapping her favorite little grandson and giving me a few hours to focus on myself and Ladybug.  I kicked off the alone time with a raging dance party to some T-Swift and Ellie Golding.  It was good for the soul.  An intensive yoga session left me wonderfully achy the following day (indicating just how tensed my muscles had been).

My husband was struck down by the flu yesterday so I had another day of managing our children on my own while he recuperated (although, I must credit my silly honey since he was fairly insistent that he help with the kids until I quarantined him to the bedroom).  And, this morning, my two-year old monster had returned in full force.  Both days could have quickly dissolved into an overwhelming disaster, but, because of you, it did not.  Your extra support has left me feeling rejuvenated and my patience level restored.

After a frustrating, tear-filled outing to the library this morning I could feel my blood pressure and body temperature rising.  But then I found a treat filled care package waiting for me on my front porch.  My sweet sister-in-law and her family had sent their love to me from states away.  The stress melted away…plus, they included the most adorable picture of my nephew cheesing–it’s impossible to look at the picture and be in a bad mood.

All of you are amazing.  I appreciate you lifting us up as we venture through this rather arduous chapter of our life.

IMG_2299[2]Sweetpea says “thank you!” too


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