Another Moment of Positive Reflection

Today was a good day.  And since I tend to be consumed easily by the negative, I want to take a moment to reflect on the positives of the day.

Although sweet baby girl started stirring early this morning, Daddy held her so I could get some real sleep.  Frequently, I just hold Fluffs (a nickname Daddy is trying out) and she falls back to sleep but I find it difficult for me to do more than doze when she’s nestled on my chest.  When I sleep, I like to bury under my many blankets like a tiny field mouse in its cozy nest (Jesse teases me about this habit).  My position is not conducive to baby cuddling so I was particularly appreciative that Jesse took over the task, giving me a few additional hours of sound sleep.

When the two year old crawled into bed this morning, he was my sweet boy, not the monster who has been showing up recently.  He nursed and then got “cuddle cozy” with no objections–typically, we start the day off with a meltdown if I suggest he end the nursing session, even though he had been sucking his thumb for ten minutes.  When Daddy asked him to go do his chores, Bug happily hopped out of bed and obliged.

Jesse had an interview this morning, so we had a few extra hours as a family before he had to leave.  That little extra time with him makes all the difference for us.  Not only was I more settled and ready to take on the day, the kids were more settled.  The ENTIRE morning, Buggy entertained himself. THE ENTIRE MORNING. Right until lunchtime. What two year old does that?! Especially my needy child?!  It was glorious.  I spent my bonus time working on Jesse’s super secret Valentine’s surprise (I am SO excited) and planning my bestie’s bachelorette party (again, SO excited).  Fluffs was content to sit in my lap as I worked, napping as needed.

Then Jesse came home right in time for lunch. We got to eat lunch together!  Before he headed off to work, he was able to care for the wee bub as I prepped our eldest for nap time–usually this time is a one-woman juggling act, frequently accompanied by tears. The extra support made for a seamless transition.

And then, both babies slept for just under THREE hours.  I wasn’t super productive during this time but it was so nice to just sit as a free woman.

Now there is a yummy pot of lentil soup on the stove–Buggy actually let me cook!–as I write. Fluffs is staring up at me and Bug is playing in this awesome pop-up fort that a friend recently gave to us.  Again, he is entertaining himself.  He only asks that I occasionally humor him by pretending that I can’t see the munchkin until he pops his head out.  Goofball boy.

I’m so happy to go into this weekend feeling relaxed rather than simply relieved.  Quality time with my husband is right around the corner and I know it’s going to be good.



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