Aselin’s Arrival: A Home Birth Story

Please take note that this entry is a detailed account of the birth of my beautiful baby girl.  It was written just as much as a record for me as for my friends and family who are curious about the home birth experience.  If you do not wish to know the intimate details of Aselin’s […]

A Record Setting Tough Week

This week has been a real test of my patience.  And, I’m not proud to say, it (being the week/life) has won more than once in making me succumb to frustration and temper losing. On its own, it has been tough adapting to Jesse’s longer work hours.  Sunday through Tuesday, he’s up and out of […]

To my dear class of GDS

This morning, I somehow found myself writing an email to my old professor of Global Development Studies.  Two years ago, he wanted to know how GDS had influenced my life and the job I had accepted right out of school.  Although I promised a response, I never gave him one.  Until this morning, I figured […]