Meltdowns & Magic

“If you cannot follow directions, you cannot be around others. If you cannot follow directions, I will put you in your room.” He stands motionless. Baby attached to my back, I move to lift him. He goes boneless and slinks to the ground. With another threat, he demands that I help him stand. I quietly walk away and retrieve the garden hose. I, in my infinite wisdom, choose that moment to start watering our newly seeded lawn. Spraying dangerously close to my tantruming toddler, my heart urges me to go ahead and soak the little sucker. But with his shrieks of, “Mommy! WET!” my brain tells me to shut it down.

Aselin’s Arrival: A Home Birth Story

Please take note that this entry is a detailed account of the birth of my beautiful baby girl.  It was written just as much as a record for me as for my friends and family who are curious about the home birth experience.  If you do not wish to know the intimate details of Aselin’s […]

You Want to Read This Post

Watch me first. Want to know what Buggy told Daddy? Scroll down….        Notice his shirt?  Do you get it? We’re having a baby!!! After much deliberation, we’ve decided to go public with our special news.  I’m 8 weeks along, which is relatively early in a pregnancy to share the excitement with the […]

A Record Setting Tough Week

This week has been a real test of my patience.  And, I’m not proud to say, it (being the week/life) has won more than once in making me succumb to frustration and temper losing. On its own, it has been tough adapting to Jesse’s longer work hours.  Sunday through Tuesday, he’s up and out of […]

Raking Leaves During a Wind Storm

At any given point of any given day, my house is scattered with a variety of plastic containers–old (empty!) pill bottles, forgotten Parmesan cheese containers, long since used toothpaste tubes; basically anything that has a lid that goes on and off.  My son’s recent fascination of an old milk jug (well-washed but still ick) lays […]