Virtual Nurse-In at American Airlines!

There is a virtual nurse-in going on right now for American Airlines!  Recently, a mother was told that she had to cover her nursing child with a blanket while feeding on a flight (even though mama was feeding the child discreetly)–Read about it here.  Please support nursing mother and babies by participating in the nurse-in! […]

Breastfeeding is Beautiful

As a breastfeeding mama for almost a year now, I’m finding myself increasingly annoyed by all the hatred Americans are showing nursing mothers.  Stories like THIS and THIS make me INCREDIBLY ANGRY.  Hearing about new mothers being blocked from social media sites like Facebook because they posted a picture of their nursing newborn makes my […]

Why I Stay at Home

I recently read an article in my Parents magazine about the war between working mothers and stay at home mothers.  I was happy to read that a study found that mothers believe this “war” exists but most hadn’t actually witnessed or fell victim to the “war” themselves.  I’m a big believer that mothers need to […]


If you’ve been a regular reader from the start, you’ll probably remember several postings about how I was having trouble adjusting to the life of a stay-at-home mom.  Need a refresher?  Here and here and here.  This independent, always-need-to-have-a-project woman was struggling with “just being a mom.” However, over the past week or so, I’ve […]

The Happiness of Going Barefoot

As the Barefooted Crafter, I couldn’t help but post an excerpt of an article from the most recent Parents magazine: “A study conducted at Bristol University and University College London (both in England) found that exposure to soil on the skin [like going barefoot!] releases serotonin, a mood-modulating neurotransmitter. So when you see your child […]

Cloth Diapering Part II: My Favorites

In my previous post, I shared how cloth diapering could be easier on  your wallet.  After reading countless reviews, scoping multiple retail providers, and trying quite a few diapers myself, I found that using diaper covers and prefolds was the least expensive form of cloth diapering.  They are less pricey simply because you need fewer […]