Aselin’s Arrival: A Home Birth Story

Please take note that this entry is a detailed account of the birth of my beautiful baby girl.  It was written just as much as a record for me as for my friends and family who are curious about the home birth experience.  If you do not wish to know the intimate details of Aselin’s […]

A Mother’s Woe

I can remember times from when I was growing up when my mother was quite emotional because my brother or I had reached a milestone in our lives–during the month before my brother went to college, she was a particular basketcase (wink wink, I jest, Ma).  Deep down I knew I’d have my own weepy […]

Moving & Grooving Baby!

After sustaining months upon months of shocked faces (and, on occasion, ridicule) to my “non-crawling” baby,–in spite of the fact that he scoots, rolls, and, with help, walks all over the place–my baby guy started crawling one day short of 11 months old.  It’s a hilarious, wonky little scoot-crawl combination and it only comes when […]

New Parents, Heed My Advice: Pediatricians

When I was pregnant, I read several books and articles that teach soon-to-be parents how to find the perfect pediatrician for their sweet one.  Several even included a list of questions that you should ask a potential pediatrician to judge whether or not she/he will be a good fit.  It was my intention to take […]


My friend Ginni shared this article with me this morning.  Take a moment to read it (yes, I’m asking you to read TWO blog posts–it’s well worth it though!). “The difficulty of motherhood, it turns out, lies not in the logistics—manageable, or at least endurable, are the sleepless nights, breast infections, teething tantrums, untreatable infant […]


If you’ve been a regular reader from the start, you’ll probably remember several postings about how I was having trouble adjusting to the life of a stay-at-home mom.  Need a refresher?  Here and here and here.  This independent, always-need-to-have-a-project woman was struggling with “just being a mom.” However, over the past week or so, I’ve […]

Edible Paint for Babies & Toddlers

With Mother’s Day having been coming up, I had been trying to come up with cute gift ideas for my son to give his grandmothers.  He’s the first grandchild on both sides of the family so this year’s Mother’s Day is extra special for the new grandmommies.  Originally, I was geared up to do a […]