You Want to Read This Post

Watch me first. Want to know what Buggy told Daddy? Scroll down….        Notice his shirt?  Do you get it? We’re having a baby!!! After much deliberation, we’ve decided to go public with our special news.  I’m 8 weeks along, which is relatively early in a pregnancy to share the excitement with the […]

Raking Leaves During a Wind Storm

At any given point of any given day, my house is scattered with a variety of plastic containers–old (empty!) pill bottles, forgotten Parmesan cheese containers, long since used toothpaste tubes; basically anything that has a lid that goes on and off.  My son’s recent fascination of an old milk jug (well-washed but still ick) lays […]

A Mother’s Woe

I can remember times from when I was growing up when my mother was quite emotional because my brother or I had reached a milestone in our lives–during the month before my brother went to college, she was a particular basketcase (wink wink, I jest, Ma).  Deep down I knew I’d have my own weepy […]


My friend Ginni shared this article with me this morning.  Take a moment to read it (yes, I’m asking you to read TWO blog posts–it’s well worth it though!). “The difficulty of motherhood, it turns out, lies not in the logistics—manageable, or at least endurable, are the sleepless nights, breast infections, teething tantrums, untreatable infant […]

Finding the Beauty

Earlier today I read a post on a blog about appreciating the present.  The writer speaks of how everything in life is impermanent and how she works to be grateful for each moment with her three sweet daughters.  In reading her post, I realized how I, too, frequently take for granted all the small, amazing […]