Aselin’s Arrival: A Home Birth Story

Please take note that this entry is a detailed account of the birth of my beautiful baby girl.  It was written just as much as a record for me as for my friends and family who are curious about the home birth experience.  If you do not wish to know the intimate details of Aselin’s […]

A Love Note to My Husband

I sat down intending to write a poetic love letter to my darling husband, Jesse.  Two years ago today, at one o’clock in the afternoon–not a minute late, because I couldn’t stand not being married to him any longer–we said, “I do.”   However, it has been a week of broken sleep (howling dogs, work emergencies, […]

Why I Stay at Home

I recently read an article in my Parents magazine about the war between working mothers and stay at home mothers.  I was happy to read that a study found that mothers believe this “war” exists but most hadn’t actually witnessed or fell victim to the “war” themselves.  I’m a big believer that mothers need to […]


If you’ve been a regular reader from the start, you’ll probably remember several postings about how I was having trouble adjusting to the life of a stay-at-home mom.  Need a refresher?  Here and here and here.  This independent, always-need-to-have-a-project woman was struggling with “just being a mom.” However, over the past week or so, I’ve […]

A Special Sort of Man

I am the worst housewife.  I hate sweeping. And folding clothes. And washing dishes.  Okay, maybe I’m not the worst because I do accomplish all these tasks while caring for a munchkin.  And, yes, I know, most housewives probably don’t love these chores.  But while most don’t mind them, I hate those chores.  With passion. […]

Finding the Beauty

Earlier today I read a post on a blog about appreciating the present.  The writer speaks of how everything in life is impermanent and how she works to be grateful for each moment with her three sweet daughters.  In reading her post, I realized how I, too, frequently take for granted all the small, amazing […]