Meltdowns & Magic

“If you cannot follow directions, you cannot be around others. If you cannot follow directions, I will put you in your room.” He stands motionless. Baby attached to my back, I move to lift him. He goes boneless and slinks to the ground. With another threat, he demands that I help him stand. I quietly walk away and retrieve the garden hose. I, in my infinite wisdom, choose that moment to start watering our newly seeded lawn. Spraying dangerously close to my tantruming toddler, my heart urges me to go ahead and soak the little sucker. But with his shrieks of, “Mommy! WET!” my brain tells me to shut it down.


Update on Life

I think it’s safe to say that the “Terrible Twos” have arrived early in our house.  My darling Bug is, overall, a very happy, easy kid. Comparatively, he’s more flexible and easy going than other children his age.  However, over the past few weeks, he has had subtle shifts in habits.  My child who has […]